Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom is the hex-grid based tactical combat game set in the world of Sentinel Comics! Go head-to-head in skirmish play, or experience the stories by playing through the included Scenario Books!

The Flame of Freedom, which takes the players through the Freedom Five’s interactions with their long-lost ally, Ra, and includes the heroes Legacy, Bunker, Tachyon, The Wraith, Absolute Zero, and Ra, as well as the villains Baron Blade, Omnitron-V, and Citizen Dawn.

The city of Megalopolis is in grave danger! The hero team known as the Freedom Five is busy fighting against major villains who threaten the safety of the world. Meanwhile, someone has brought the villains Ambuscade, Proletariat, and The Operative and her Underbosses together as part of a plot to take down the city Megalopolis! Can Beacon, Unity, and The Visionary save the day?

Sentinel Tactics: Uprising is the first expansion to the dice-rolling, hex-grid, syper-powered tactics game Sentinel Tactics! It includes six new characters - three heroes and three villains. It also comes with a scenario book incorporating all of the Uprising characters into the stories of Sentinel Comics!

Take your Sentinel Tactics gameplay to a whole new level with Sentinel Miniatures! Each set of Sentinel Miniatures contains hand sculpted miniatures representing the characters from Sentinel Comics. Available in painted and unpainted versions.